Geoff is not “your average bean counter”

As a Management Accountant and Marketing Consultant Geoff Uses his Financial Expertise to Make You More Profit.

He is an experienced and results driven business veteran, a financial strategist, entrepreneur, business owner, and all round nice guy.

Many Marketing clients come to us not know if what they are doing is working.  Geoff will help you get your numbers right and attach your activities to your results.    As a Business Coaching client he will help you understand the details of your profit and loss and balance sheet.  If he is your Management Accountant, then you are in heaven.  Geoff saves his Business Clients many headaches and dollars.  He is a big believer in having his clients fees be an investment not a cost. If this kind of thinking interests you click here

Geoff, with support from his wife Gerry, regularly entertains at their home/office for the Straight Talk Group. They are both avid golfers, and are involved with fundraising for the Royal Flying Doctors.