Lead Characters

Management Accountant Geoff Richmond

"What You Measure You Can Manage" Geoff Richmond

Management Accountant and Marketing Consultant Geoff Uses his Financial Expertise to Make You More Profit. Management Accountant is just the start in explaing what Geoff does and how he helps our clients.  Not your average “bean counter”,  Geoff is an experienced and results driven business veteran, a financial strategist, entrepreneur, business owner, and all round…

Business Coach and Marketing Consultant Lisa Ormenyessy

"Your coaching session is for getting things done, not a talk fest" Lisa Ormenyessy

Adelaide Business Coach and Marketing Consultant Lisa Ormenyessy supports you and your business. Business Coach Lisa Ormenyessy is considered one of Adelaide’s best.  Her seasoned skills helps you to gain your momentum and rapidly transform your big ideas into step by step actions. From Strategy to Mindset and back again, Lisa knows how to cut…

Business Owners Feed Families

We believe that small business owners are the back-bone of our economy, and our community.

It’s the small business owner who sponsors the local sports team, gives to local charity, knows their employees’ stores, their kid’s names, and even at times – goes without a wage to put food on the table of the numerous families they support.

In short, the small business owner is a hero – making a difference every day to the lives of many.

For us Business is about Relationship.  Life is too short to work with people we don’t like.

We want to work with heroes, and that hero is the Australian small business owner.

A Bit of Our History

The seed that grew into Straight Talk was planted 30 years ago, when Geoff started his own accounting practice.

As the director of 2IC Management, one of Geoff’s big goals was to be a trusted advisor, and proactive, supportive member of each of his client’s teams – not just a number cruncher.

Geoff and his team worked hard to arm their clients with strategies to enhance their results, but were often disappointed to find that many brilliant ideas that were born in meetings – never made it off the drawing table.

In other works, they remained only ideas…. and never became actions or outcomes.

This led Geoff to partner with a Coach to add Coaching and Marketing to his portfolio of services.   This was to add another valued skill set as well as keep his clients accountable to implementing the great idea they had, and the necessary (but sometimes tough or scary) actions that their business needed to take – to move forward.

From there, the team evolved to a stand-alone coaching and consulting practice so that we could be more accessible and flexible in how an when our clients could call on us. This led to us overseeing an ever increasing quantity of great results for our clients.

Our clients now enjoy a range of working relationships with us

  • One-on-one coaching

  • Group coaching

  • Mastermind groups

  • Finiancial consulting

  • Marketing consulting

  • Workshops

  • Team training

Our philosophy is to support our clients and their business with passion and integrity, and to continually be looking for ways to improve their results….. just as any other valued member of their team would.