First and foremost, what a stunning dress designed by Paolo Sebastian, the young Australian Designer! But secondly, who would have seriously noticed it among the other hundreds of stunning dresses that are renowned to be on display during the festival that is the Oscars?

Every Oscar season we watch dresses parade along the red carpet and on the various TV personalities as they present their commentary to us. Of course, each year, there has always been some type of mishap as well. We all remember the Actress Anne Hathaway “too much information” gaff last year and Jennifer Lawrence’s trip on her bulky Dior dress after going to the stage to accept her Best Actress award. This year is no different.

In what has turned into a wonderful publicity outcome for Paolo, Giuliana Rancic’s reaction by smiling gracefully during the drama on screen and Paolo’s response that “he would apologise” now being replayed all over online news, has won him the Oscar for customer service.

Sneak peak, if you haven’t seen what happened, check the article about the zip issue here

For some, it may have been an embarrassment to have such a public product failure. Paolo has shown grace, humour and polish towards his client. A great tactic at moments like this and deserving of a (Straight Talk) Oscar!!

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