Forget Sales Spiels – Learn to speak ‘WIFFM’ 

The biggest mistake I see Sales persons doing is talking about them and the features of the product.  For sales success learn to speak the language of “WIFFM”  What is in it for me”

“What’s In It For Me?”
This is the only question anyone who reads, sees or hears your business’ marketing material really has.

Many businesses make the mistake of spending their sales & marketing time and dollars on telling the market how great they are.  Instead they could be educating their audience about why that matters, and what difference it could make to their lives.

The Care Factor
Do you know what the deciding factor for 68% of prospects who chose not to do business with you is?

If you said price.. you’d be wrong.

That’s good news – most of the sales you lose aren’t due to your prices being deemed too high. So what is it that has most of the people who give you a “no” looking elsewhere? The answer is “perceived indifference”; in other words, customers perceive that the business is indifferent to them and/or their needs. Imagine how many sales you could turn around if you could avoid your customers feeling this way!

Avoid the Sales Brag and Boast
Read the next paragraph but as you do that, look at it through the eyes of a potential customer.

“60 years in business has made us the best electricians and most experienced Electricians in Adelaide. We take pride in our outstanding work and are able to offer it to you at a great rate. So forget the rest, call the best.” –

Does that statement excite you about doing business with that company? It probably doesn’t. It’s all about the business, and says nothing about the tangible outcomes for the client.

So what happens when a prospect isn’t excited by your business, and they don’t feel like it will enhance their life? They choose on price, and that is not where successful businesses claim their market share.

This is the same sales message, in WIIFM language:

“People just like you have been entrusting their homes and families to our electricians since 1968 and we’re proud of the great reputation we’ve built amongst South Australians. You can enjoy peace of mind when you chose our team, knowing that we are experts in solving any of your electrical problems and finding solutions to cater to all Australian households.
When you engage us to work in your space, your property and safety are in the hands of professionals who thrive on meeting and exceeding expectations and delivering on time, and within budget. You’ll appreciate our team’s friendly manner and expert advice. There won’t be any nasty surprises like inflated bills or unexpected delays that can get in the way of your life.”

Did you notice how the second paragraph focuses on the client, and the outcomes that doing business with these Electricians will bring them? This allows your market to understand the benefits your business can provide, without you sounding like a crazed spruiker.

Now You’re Speaking My Language – Sales with the Customers Communication as number 1.

In the majority of businesses, your new clients and prospects don’t know the industry-specific terms that your team would use amongst themselves. If you include terms that your prospects don’t understand in your marketing material, or in conversation, you risk alienating, confusing and even offending the very people who you want to do business with.

Tip:  Make sure you use plain, clear and concise language in both written and verbal communications, and always give an explanation to any technical terms without being asked, unless your prospect has already confirmed that they are aware of the term.

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