Adelaide Business Coach and Marketing Consultant Lisa Ormenyessy supports you and your business.

Business Coach Lisa Ormenyessy is considered one of Adelaide’s best.  Her seasoned skills helps you to gain your momentum and rapidly transform your big ideas into step by step actions.

From Strategy to Mindset and back again, Lisa knows how to cut through the head space business owners find themselves tripping up over and onto the right track.

As a seasoned Business Coach and Marketing Consultant Lisa is able to create congruence between the heart of you as a person and the logic you need to create success as a business owner.  Creative she is able to help you reach momentum through the rapid transformation of big ideas into step by step actions.

Her style and the advice she gives her clients, is practical and hands-on.  From the many testimonials she receives is is clear that clients love her for her frank, straight forward, and honest advice mixed with light hearted… and often ‘black’ humour.   Having someone with a birds-eye veiw of your business is valuable.  Knowing they will call it ‘as they see it’ is priceless.

 “Your coaching session is for getting things done, not a talk fest” says Lisa.

Not one to brag, nor to give away her age, her long list of qualifications include all the important ones in Coaching, Training, Marketing and Sales.

As a business owner, environment beats will any day.  Lisa’ ability to create 360 growth environments along with her passion and enthusiasm for life business owners leave their coaching sessions feeling more focused and confident in what they have to do next to succeed.

Success is Catching


As a natural creative, and for fun, Lisa plays keyboards in a band.  She also combines her creativity and intuition and works as an artist in her spare time.  Find out more here