Your business is all about how well you are focusing.

Once you’ve embraced this concept a veritable stampede of questions come to mind: What are you focused on now? What are you focused on in your day? And what are your team focused on in terms of result? What is my goal for next week, next month, next year? And what shorter term focuses do I need to have in order to arrive at these goals?
These questions and their answers have the power to shift your business’ trajectory to a path of roaring success.

The first step towards focussed and successful business decisions is clarity. Are you clear about where you want to be, do and achieve in your business (and, indeed, in your life)?

If you can answer a resounding “yes” to this then you are ready to enter the second phase of focussing: assessing what you need to do, and who you need to be in order for those focal goals to become your future. Envisioning the future and working backwards to the present, visualising how those results that you desire will come about is a powerful mental tool; once we imagine how we can actually work towards our goals on a constant and consistent basis, they become both more tangible and more achievable.

Are you making decisions and taking the necessary actions to produce the result that you want, not from a past point of view, but from a future point of view?

At this stage it’s vital to recognise that you will likely have to override some habits, both in your thinking and your actions, in order to focus to the best of your ability. So for you to actually change and produce a better result, what do you need to shift in terms of focus? What do you need to contribute? What does your team need to contribute, to make sure that we get the best results possible? Who do we need to be for our marketplace in order for this future to turn up, and are we doing that now, or are we operating from a past focus, ie: doing enough to get by?

Mental obstacles might include an habitual “negative mindset” (ie, “there’s no point in getting started on this, it’ll never work out.”); these are potentially challenging to overcome, but shifting your focus away from thoughts like these to a positive goal will yield powerful results. unfocused action is also a habit to say goodbye to if you are to achieve your most ambitious dreams.

There is an opportunity for you to re-invent and enhance your business, simply by shifting and honing your focus.

Think forward and become your own dreams.

“Dreams without actions are day-dreams. Actions without dreams are a nightmare.”

– Japanese proverb