What is the Difference Between a Business Coach and Business Mentor?

People seem to freely interchange the titles ‘business coach’ and ‘business mentor’, but there is a difference, and business owners aren’t aware of what that difference is.  In this article we explore what is the difference between a business coach and a business mentor. As an added bonus we will also look at Business consultant.

While all three roles, business coach, business mentor and business consultant are similar in that they will all get your small business in Adelaide results. The way they will achieve those results with you are different. The nuances between the roles is a critical understanding business owners in Adelaide must know before hiring a small business coach, marketing consultancy or business mentor.

What is the Difference Between a Business Coach and a Business Mentor – Business Mentor Adelaide

In short – a Business Mentor is generally considered to be someone who has already achieved what you want to achieve. They have waled the specific path and journey you are taking in your business and further ahead.

A business mentor will be senior in experience, have led successful business lives and carved out careers building, running and owning businesses. They impart knowledge, gently guide and challenge you  based on their years of experience. Business Mentors are best if you are looking for someone to turn to in a crisis. They make great sounding boards and give guidance. You will walk away with increased confidence, make less mistakes, have better decisions making skills and improved your leadership qualities.


What is the Difference Between a Business Coach and a Business Mentor – Business Coach Adelaide

A business coach will not necessarily have been in your shoes – or where you want to be. A business coach will help you by empowering you by asking you powerful questions and create a dialogue with you to create awareness around your situation so you can decide what you want to do, and how you are going to do it. A coach is focused on action! (a no navel gazing zone). A coach will help you get things done. Coaching is a specific skill set that does not require the business coach to have even been in business before.  You are considered the expert in your field of expertise and the coach is just a sounding board to create a deeper awareness. This my sound counter intuitive in the first instant. However when you consider that the business rises and falls on the leadership skills of the business, it stands to reason that a  more aware and conscious business owner is one of the keys to success. A great coach is in partnership with you and becomes a co-creator in many ways. Coaching is often measured by direct results, such as increased sales, more leads, decreased expenses and happier staff.

As a small business owner in Adelaide you will want results.