A review of your current challenges and goals, to provide clear recommendations

We help you to formulate a personalised action plan based on:

  • Your overall goals for next 12 months – business and lifestyle
  • Specific primary goal for the next 3 months, with a realistic measurable result identified
    • Milestones clarified for the 3 month goal
    • and outline of action required to achieve them

During our time together in your Free Objective Assessment session, you’ll…

  • Identify what you need to know and do to achieve your business goals
  • Discover opportunities, ideas and strategies for you to grow
  • Eliminate time, energy and money wasting activities so you can focus on what really makes your business flourish
  • Resolve any doubts in your mind about your business direction

Please complete this form, and I’ll contact you for a quick chat about any challenges you face, and improvements desired – and go from there….  thanks, Lisa O.

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Absolutely no obligation!

We happily offer this free assessment because even if you don’t require further assistance from us at the time, we’re confident that by providing you with useful information – you’ll use or refer our services in due course.

For Adelaide business owners who are serious about growing their business

Accordingly, to receive your free business coaching session – we simply need you to commit to:

  • Attend the appointment as scheduled by mutual agreement. My calendar is almost always full, so there are no rescheduled appointments for this free business coaching offer
  • Come to the meeting ready to take notes, and be receptive to information and suggestions for your consideration
  • Provide me with detailed answers as practical to a short questionnaire that we’ll provide prior to the booking. That way I can do some research in order to ask any further relevant questions, and make appropriate recommendations.

This is your opportunity to get the expert advice and support you need for your business to thrive.

So if you’re serious about growing your business and can commit to this, please complete the Free Coaching Request form above, or phone me with any questions. Thanks, Lisa O.