The Alpha Group provides a trusted, confidential setting where Members (CEO’s, Managing Directors or other senior business executives of SME’s) learn together and provide advice to each other as part of a peer to peer executive board, using a simple, powerful process.

Are you:

  • A business owner with revenue of at least seven figures?
  • A value creator and a pre-eminent leader of your team?
  • Keen to grow your business to a larger more profitable one but get trapped in daily affairs?
  • Ready to freely share your knowledge and experience with up to 19 other owners like yourself in the room?
  • Willing to attend the monthly meeting without skipping unless it’s a real emergency?

You will get specific and actionable high-performance strategies to go back to your company and implement.

This isn’t a networking group, it’s a working group that delivers answers to your most demanding challenges and opportunities. It is new to Australia having been very successful in 25 other countries over 13 years.

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The Alpha Group promises to double the value of your business within 2-3 years and hasn’t failed yet

Geoff RichmondDirector - The Alpha Group - Australia

Membership is gained by application, with relevant businesses invited if they stand to gain substantially from participation and collaboration with other members.

Request more information – no obligation, and you’ll also receive a link to our valuable 50 page book “How to Grow Your Business”.

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