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First 15 Seconds – How to explain what you do, in such a way that your prospects are compelled… nearly forced… to want to do business with you”

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Frustrated about.. Time? Team? Money?

You’re in the right place to get things straight.

We are a team of Business Consultants and Coaches  with a substantial dash of Marketing and Accounting thrown in, who strive to give “straight up” business advice, coaching and mentoring.
Business owners don’t come to us for sugar-coated pleasantries; they come to us for down to earth, practical hands-on coaching and advice that gets results.
While 98% of business owners normally know what they need to do to get better results from their business – work and life gets on top of them, and nothing gets done…. so really what you need is a straight talking coach. About Us…
Straight Talking

What’s different about us – and what that difference means to you

In today’s unregulated market – flooded with solo coaches and untrained self-appointed “experts”, we pride ourselves on providing a service to our clients that’s supported by:

A team approach

Multiple industry experts working on your business, not just a solo coach.



The fee is based on results, rather than as set amount of time.


Who We Can Help

How we work with our clients.

As a small business ourselves, we share both your passion and your flexibility in the way we work with our clients. This means no rigid contracts, or “one-size-fits-all” packages.

As Business Consultants, our working relationships are just that – relationships. It starts out as conversation, and develops from there.

Programs we offer include one-on-one coaching, group coaching, marketing support, financial consulting, and much more – in any number of combinations.

We don’t make recommendations without getting to know you and your business first.

What Sort of Businesses Do We Work With?

Businesses that want to grow and improve; and leaders that are committed to doing so – and enjoying it!

What do these businesses look like? We’ve found that no two businesses are alike, so the type of enterprise varies enormously.

We have clients who are sole-trader start-ups, and clients with many employees and mouths to feed…. clients who work in recruitment, and clients who are tradies, clients who are just out of university, and clients who are industry veterans.

The one thing that all of these wonderful businesses have in common is that they are proactive about the development of their business.

A Few of Our Many Clients and Testimonials

Brilliant SA
Adelaide Business Hub
Bittersweet Patisserie
Horner Management
  • Brainstorm & Network

    Working with Straight Talk has been ideal! Not only does it help me to achieve my business goals, it also gives me an opportunity to brainstorm ideas, network with other business and most importantly, it allows me to draw on the wealth of knowledge of the Straight Talk team. Straight Talk keeps me accountable and focused as well as helping me learn so much more about running a business.


    Radelaide Rover | Amanda Rolls
  • Insightful & Experienced

    Lisa is an insightful, knowledgeable and experienced business coach. She knows just how to “tap in” to what’s happening in a business. Lisa successfully helps business owners to implement strategies that grow and develop their business. You should give her a call to see how she can help you.

    Wayne Donnelly
  • Business Coaches Need a Coach Too! 

    I first met Lisa as a fellow business coach at 10X. As I got to know her, I realised she was someone I needed in my circle of influence and I asked Lisa if she would be my coach (yes, even business coaches need a coach).

    She was just what I needed, someone to ask me the tough questions I was avoiding myself to allow me to make decisions and take the right actions that allowed me to accomplish my goals and targets by keeping me accountable.

    If you are after accountability from an unreasonable friend who has the knowledge and experience in business to guide you towards your goals, Lisa is that person.

    Thankyou Lisa.

    Arrowbiz Solutions | Steve Baker
  • Amazing Knowledge

    Lisa has amazing amount of knowledge which gives her the ability to help many types of businesses move forward with a clearer picture and more than enough information to deal with many issue’s business leaders face. Her ability to lift and motivate all is fantastic.

    Jem Designs | Belinda Buckman
  • They Genuinely Care

    I am very happy with the business coaching from Straight Talk. They genuinely show that they care about my company’s success. The training is at a level that caters to my individual needs and in a language that I can understand. Great working with all of you.  s

    Silver Treasures | Victoria Johnson
  • Sales, Marketing & Business Growth Workshops

    “Lisa is very personable and shows real care about each business and individual, while also sharing excellent knowledge! She gave good examples throughout the workshop which made it all relevant and understandable” – Tamara Caire, DBG Technologies

    “Straight Talk’s workshops are informative, and help me to recommit to do what I know needs to be done! The learning is made relevant to each business with great examples and discussion.”– Patricia Hremias, Travel Counsellors

    “Lisa was genuine, natural and friendly which made the learning enjoyable. Although we (the participants) came from a variety of fields, the workshop was applicable to us all”. – Heather Maynard, Holyrood Hall B&B

    “The Straight Talk workshop I attended was clear, concise, relevant – and down to earth.” – Nicol Morrison, ARO Educational Services

    “Attending Straight Talk’s Marketing Workshop refreshed my knowledge – the best part was the practical examples.” – Epic Projects Engineering

    “From the first workshop I attended, working with Straight Talk has helped me add structure to my daily and long-term business goals. The marketing workshop gave me so much foundational information – without being over my head. The take- away booklet has been a great tool.” – Amanda Rolls, Radelaide Rover

    Contact Us Today to Train Your Team
  • Exceptional Grasp on Helping Business Owners Move Forward

    Lisa has an exceptional grasp on how to help business owners move forward.. her ability to encourage and focus are second to none.


    Networking Business Clubs | Lawrence Kessell
  • Straight Talk’s advice is very professional and educational. Working with them is a driving force… moving me forward.

    Bittersweet Patisserie – Jenni Key
  • Consulting Services to our Business Clients

    Lisa O and her company Straight Talk have provided excellent coaching and consulting services to our business clients particularly supporting them to achieve growth through improved sales, service and marketing strategies.

    Adelaide Business Hub | Lynette Hay, GM
  • It’s Lonely at the Top

    Without any promoting I wanted to say thanks to the team at Straight Talk Group for their help in growing my business. Its true that it is lonely at the top and having someone to help you focus on both your strengths and your weaknesses has been a huge benefit to my business

    Slam Strategy – Shaun Le Cornu
  • Inspires Lateral Ideas and Solutions
    I love Lisa’s input at our regular sessions, which always inspires lateral ideas and solutions that can be acted on immediately, or used as part of a longer term plan. It provides direction and accountability, and has been great for our business.

    Hub Vets – Barb Menzies
  • Easy Solutions

    Excellent at understanding, illuminating and making positive change happen. Insightful coaching and practical, easily implementable solutions.

    Optimising Business – CEO Angela Wright

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