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First 15 Seconds – How to explain what you do, in such a way that your prospects are compelled… nearly forced… to want to do business with you”

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Frustrated about.. Time? Team? Money?

You’re in the right place to get things straight.

We are a team of Business Consultants and Coaches  with a substantial dash of Marketing and Accounting thrown in, who strive to give “straight up” business advice, coaching and mentoring.
Business owners don’t come to us for sugar-coated pleasantries; they come to us for down to earth, practical hands-on coaching and advice that gets results.
While 98% of business owners normally know what they need to do to get better results from their business – work and life gets on top of them, and nothing gets done…. so really what you need is a straight talking coach. About Us…
Straight Talking

What’s different about us – and what that difference means to you

In today’s unregulated market – flooded with solo coaches and untrained self-appointed “experts”, we pride ourselves on providing a service to our clients that’s supported by:

A team approach

Multiple industry experts working on your business, not just a solo coach.



The fee is based on results, rather than as set amount of time.


Who We Can Help

How we work with our clients.

As a small business ourselves, we share both your passion and your flexibility in the way we work with our clients. This means no rigid contracts, or “one-size-fits-all” packages.

As Business Consultants, our working relationships are just that – relationships. It starts out as conversation, and develops from there.

Programs we offer include one-on-one coaching, group coaching, marketing support, financial consulting, and much more – in any number of combinations.

We don’t make recommendations without getting to know you and your business first.

What Sort of Businesses Do We Work With?

Businesses that want to grow and improve; and leaders that are committed to doing so – and enjoying it!

What do these businesses look like? We’ve found that no two businesses are alike, so the type of enterprise varies enormously.

We have clients who are sole-trader start-ups, and clients with many employees and mouths to feed…. clients who work in recruitment, and clients who are tradies, clients who are just out of university, and clients who are industry veterans.

The one thing that all of these wonderful businesses have in common is that they are proactive about the development of their business.

A Few of Our Many Clients and Testimonials

Brilliant SA
Adelaide Business Hub
Bittersweet Patisserie
Horner Management

Contact Information

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67/155 Brebner Drive, West Lakes SA 5021


08 8239 0122


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