For many years I have asked prospective clients whether they would be keen to have Richard Branson on their management team, whether that be a formal board or simply someone to confide and rely upon. I have not had one negative response, other than to challenge what it might cost. This was the answer I was looking for because I was primed to promote that not only was Richard not available but my service was way less an investment.

The logic and success of business advisors / coaches /mentors is unchallengeable but I have in the last week discovered the true gem that will take over these now accepted crutches for SME’s. So my key Value Proposition has been trumped (not the Trump that immediately comes to mind) however don’t despair it will not necessarily replace our offerings and may also provide a funnel for coaching and advisory services. It is also an exclusive offering so not anyone is able to meet the criteria to gain these services.

Consider a room with up to 21 people present:

  • With business experience ranging from a few years (the young dudes) to fifty years plus (the wise old farts). Collectively this could work out to over 500 years’ experience in the school of hard knocks.
  • All driven to grow and improve their business.
  • All with the same sense of purpose to drive the success of the other 20 people in the room.

I’m sorry Richard but I don’t believe even you could match this level of experience, ideas, ingenuity and passion! Having read several of his books I also know Richard drained every bit of brain power from his team and was the person who gave the passion and drive to implement it.

I attended a 5 day training course with The Alpha Group in Antalya, Spain; what an experience! Not only did I meet some really passionate people driven to make a difference to SME’s around the world I discovered the concept of Peer to Peer Executive Boards.

The impact on me and all participants was unforgettable (possibly life changing) and will drive success for SME’s worldwide for years to come. In fact, The Alpha Group promise to their Board Members is to double the value of their business within 2 to 3 years.

The big AHA moment for me was, ignoring the fact 21 people must to be able to give better ideas and directions compared to any one individual consultant, this process is of no threat to traditional consultants, accountants or business advisors … in fact it is potentially a catalyst to generate business for any one to one coaching or advisory business.

The concept revolves around the group addressing key business development topics, with direction from a facilitator and strictly no coaching. Each attendee will provide their knowledge / experiences or thoughts on what they might do when returning to their business after addressing the topic; this is the real power of the program.

The educational component cannot be discounted either because the content deals with all the issues covered in an MBA but in a practical manner.

In addition to gaining action plans on specific growth building strategies each member has a chance to table their own burning problem and have 20 other experienced and entrepreneurial business owners direct them with ideas and solutions.

My message is to keep your eye out for Peer to Peer Executive Boards as they are an amazing opportunity for SME’s to grow their business and are not a threat to other advisory services.

I am so proud and excited to be charged with launching this concept in Australia for The Alpha Group. Right now I have a maximum of 40 businesses I can help, who have to go through screening to be eligible. This means if you know anyone who could do with this in their business, get in quick. There is also an opportunity for anyone wanting to get on board to help me grow The Alpha Group in Australia, so please get in touch.

My final challenge is for anyone to respond with another form of business assistance that could outperform what Peer to Peer Executive Boards offer … even Richard Branson if anyone has his contact details.