An Intelligent Ally for Any Business Owner

Lisa is an intelligent ally for any business owner. She is a great networker and never misses an opportunity to assist her clients via referrals or recommendations.  Lisa’s suggestions for business improvements are down to earth and straight forward.  Her experience and manner earn her respect across all industries. I have found Lisa an absolute pleasure to work with and I hope we continue to develop our business relationship for many years to come.

MAD Australia Productions | Dale Ross

My name is Mark Pavy and I have known Geoff Richmond in both a professional and personal situation for over forty years. Geoff has acted initially as my accountant and then as both of our situations evolved he has become more of a business advisor and source of contacts for various situations from superannuation to legal advice…. read more

Mark PavyRetired business owner

Lisa O and the team at Straight Talk have provided excellent coaching and consulting services to our business clients – particularly supporting them to achieve growth through improved sales, service, and marketing strategies.

Lyn Hay
Lynette Hay – Adelaide Business HubGeneral Manager

Working with Lisa has been invaluable for understanding the financial aspects of our business.

Lisa kept us on track by making us accountable for our time and ensuring that we followed through with our business actions during each quarter…. read more

Lauren - Brazilian Dance Academy
Lauren – Brazilian Dance AcademyProprietor

Clearer Goals and Accountability

Springboard  helped me in developing clearer goals and rewarding myself when I achieved them. It held me accountable to the deadlines I set myself and assisted in ensuring I was able to achieve my desired business outcomes. It was a great opportunity as a small business owner to access other business people in a confidential setting to bounce ideas around and grow my business.

Rhodes Recruitment | Rebeckah Ireland

A More Balanced Life

I began coaching in overwhelm mode.  My business was starting to take off but profits were low.  To have Lisa’s ear to brainstorm with, and get really clear on how much I am worth, now means I am earning the income I deserve. Best of all through coaching I have been able to balance my work and life so I am now able to spend more time with my beautiful daughter without feeling guilty about leaving work issues to another time.  

ArtLogic | Jacquline Mitchell

New ‘A-ha’ Moments

I value growth & I  am achieving that. These coaching session give me connection, authenticity, joy & experience so that is good that my top values are being met. Along with that are growth intelligence, inspiration & balance.. I have got value out of every session in different ways, whether it be immediate or as the week unfolds I always have a new “A-ha” moment.

I have learned more about what I enjoy, what drives me, what love means, what my negative points are, how I have manipulated people, how I could treat people better, how I can understand & be me more, what my values are, why I have my goals & many more things I am sure.. I feel a better person from our interactions, so thank you.


Yamaha World | Janet Langley

Celebrate Success

I look at my investment into coaching & yes it was worth it. I think the greatest thing Lisa showed me was we have the answers within us, you often just need someone to point you the way – hold the hand so to speak. The other major thing that comes to mind is having a mentor/coach to bounce ideas off of & to celebrate successes & empathise with failures – but then to help you move on & upwards.



Footmed | Mark

Recommended Business Support

Lisa has provided support for my clients in a variety of areas and would recommend her for business support and coaching.

Australian Industry Group | Robert Lloyd