There’s a good chance that love & relationships, and their place in your life are top of mind for you on the 14th of February; but may I suggest that you take a few minutes out of your day to reflect on the state of another integral relationship in your life?
I’m talking about the relationship you’re in with your business.

How does the relationship look and feel now, in comparison to when you started out? Much like the romantic bonds we form in life, it can be all too easy to let the state of your relationship with your business deteriorate over time.

Remember when you started out pursuing your business dream? Enamoured with ideas of what you could achieve and what you aspired to, the drive forward was likely enough to keep you bounding out of bed and into work every day with a spring in your step. Have you retained that passion?

What aspects of your business have become stale over time; are you neglecting an aspect of the business because it’s difficult? All relationships take work, and your business is no different.

Remember: your business is a reflection of your self – If you don’t have passionate team members and raving fans, perhaps this is a tell-tale sign that you a need to reignite your passion for the business.

Because its Valentine’s day, and because we can, let’s look at how similar your courtship process is to your life with your business, and the life lessons that we can apply to a business for better results. You can click on the image to enlarge if you feel like getting closer to your Valentine.

Remind yourself why you are in business – what is it that you love in your business, and what is it that you need to nurture?

Happy Valentine’s day, wishing you the very best in all of the relationships that are important to you.